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Security Intelligence Course

Learning Objectives

Course Objectives:  A structured approach through a defined model with steps derived from academic theory and proven practices from Intelligence, Defense and Corporate experience.

Intelligence & Analysis

  1. General and specific hands-on knowledge of Intelligence principles and methodologies
  2. Understanding incidents, indicators, determining patterns and trends.
  3. Detecting & determining changes in adversary capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action. (State, Non-State and Organized Crime Threat actors)
  4. Understanding the value and principles of Strategic, Operational and Tactical Intelligence Levels and the interdependence of those levels.
  5. Identifying gaps, and subsequent intelligence collection requirements.
  6. Assisting clients to determine their Intelligence requirements.
  7. Structured Analytical Techniques: Out of the box thinking, dealing with personal, organizational and political biases, creative thinking, using analytical and verifiable methodologies to conduct intelligence analysis.
  8. Independently assessing sources of intelligence to determine validity & veracity.
  9. Network analysis (understanding networks, nodes, links and cells, how to analyze and effectively target networks)
  10. Conducting analysis of raw data and producing actionable intelligence.


  1. How to use Intelligence Led policing to support a strategic approach, focus, resource management and case support.
  2. Managing analysts, understanding their needs and requirements, organization
  3. Understanding the need for cooperation and sharing of knowledge and of intelligence. (Fusion Centers, integration of stakeholders, definition of stakeholders, internal & external cooperation, objectives and requirements of Public & Private Partnership, techniques to enable cooperation at operational and tactical levels.)
  4. Understanding principles of Intelligence versus Law Enforcement practices.
  5. Understanding different forms of Insider threat, threat actors and threat agents, indicators of threat, possible targets and modus operandi of threat actors.
Who Should Attend?

The 5-day course has been conducted in the past with European, African and U.S. candidates of International companies, Hotels, Consulting firms, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure, General and Military Intelligence & Security Organizations, Immigration & Internal Revenue Services. Subject matter specific to Europe has been adapted to Best Practices for an International Audience.

What Will You Receive?

In addition to 48-hours of instruction, all participants attending the Advance Security Intelligence and Insider Threat Profiling Course will receive the following:

  • International Certificate from S2 Institute, USA. Suitable for framing
  • Course notebook including over 200 pages of slides and reference material
  • (ASI-ITP) Class Workbook
  • ASI-ITP Branded Polo Shirt
  • Catered Buffet Lunches and Coffee Breaks